Who Should Attend


Ophthalmologists, Pediatricians, Rheumatologists, Patients and Caregivers

The 2020 Ocular Inflammatory Disease Crash Course is intended for ophthalmologists, pediatricians, rheumatologists, patients and caregivers involved in the care of individuals with uveitis and ocular inflammatory diseases. There is an immediate need to support physicians, patients and caregivers to discuss the scientific and social aspects of ocular inflammatory disease. The primary aim of the course is to highlight how specialists in the field recognize and manage various prominent forms of preventable blindness and provide a venue for discussion of these diseases to help their peers incorporate these medical methods into their individual practices. Prevention of complications from disease has become the focus of modern medicine, and leads to better outcomes in patients, especially in ophthalmology. Many ocular diseases eventually lead to blindness, but some vision loss can be avoided by timely presentation to and management by a well-trained physician/ophthalmologist and informed patient and or caregiver, Awareness and recognition of these diseases when they present, as well as the implementation of early steps in treatment or prompt referral, is critical to minimizing or preventing permanent blindness.