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The Ocular Immunology and Uveitis Foundation is a 501c(3) national non-profit organization dedicated to: • Finding cures for ocular inflammatory diseases • Erasing the worldwide deficit of properly trained ocular immunologists, and • Providing education and emotional support for those patients afflicted with ocular inflammatory disease. Inflammatory diseases of the eye are among the most common causes of vision loss, with an economic impact on the order of diabetic retinopathy, accounting for 10 to 15% of blindness in developed countries, including the United States. There are approximately 45 million blind persons in the United States, and the same situation exists, according to reports from many other developed countries, throughout the civilized world. Many of the individuals blinded by inflammation are young and faced with a lifetime of blindness. The economic burden produced by ocular inflammation is considerable.


In addition to Research, our services include:

• Six support group meetings at the Massachusetts Eye Research and Surgery Institution

• Online Support for patients, kids, and families

• Pathfinders Program (patient to patient support)

• Ocular Inflammatory Disease educational guides and documentaries

• Fellowship training

• Physician Education and Patient Conferences

• Publications (Text Books, Articles, Monographs)