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The 2020 Ocular Inflammatory Disease Crash Course is intended for ophthalmologists, pediatricians, rheumatologists, patients and caregivers involved in the care of individuals with uveitis and ocular inflammatory diseases.


There is an immediate need to support physicians, patients and caregivers through discussion of the scientific, clinical and social aspects of ocular inflammatory diseases.


The primary aim of the course is to highlight current knowledge and best practices in the diagnosis, treatment and management of uveitis and ocular inflammatory disease.  Through lectures and interactive discussions, participating physicians will be able to apply this information to their own practices to improve outcomes for their patients. 


Inflammatory ocular disease can lead to blindness, but timely evaluation and management by a well-trained physician/ophthalmologist as well as an informed patient/caregiver can help to preserve vision.  Awareness and recognition of these diseases at presentation, as well as prompt treatment and referral, are critical to minimizing or preventing permanent blindness.